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Welcome to Urban Customs, we are laminate flooring installers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Laminate flooring offers the beauty of traditional hardwood, with the added benefit of high durability and ease of maintenance. Many laminates look like and mimic the texture of real hardwood, and are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

When it comes to the laminate world, there is only one measurement that will set us all apart.

Welcome to Urban Customs, and the whole world of laminate.

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  • Hand Scraped Laminate
  • Wire Brushed Laminate
  • Piano Finish Laminate
  • Traditional Laminate
  • Smooth Laminate

Urban Customs was started as a way not only to fill a need in the industry but also to do what we are passionate about. We see every job as another opportunity to make a homeowner love their home even more.

Whether it’s simply providing you with top quality materials at great prices, or spending all the time you need with you to design a kitchen, the end goal is always a happy customer.

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  • Easy to replace, if it is desired
  • Exceptional realism at low costs
  • Great indentation and impact resistance
  • May be installed over various types of subfloors
  • Able to be installed on/in all grade levels, including low grade
  • Superior stain resistance
  • Superior fade resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Exceptional durability
  • Here at Urban Customs, you will never go alone.

    We are also carrying the highest quality, and most trusted brands when it comes to laminate flooring, names such as Armstrong, Bruce, Columbia, Mannington, and more.

    The investment in laminate flooring for your home does require being able to do business with people who deal only in integrity and honesty.

    Urban Customs will deliver on both. Plus, there is no other flooring company around here are able to match us whenever it comes to the most important thing: trust.

    It begins here and right now. In the sections below you will be able to trust and then share all that is known about laminate flooring.

    There is a lot of reasons that laminate flooring would popular for today’s home.

    But if it may be something that you think you would like, then you will need to know what laminate flooring is.

    Laminate flooring is a product that has been simulated to look like ceramic tile, hardwood, natural stone and other types of flooring.

    In the past, laminate flooring has been easy to see, but with today’s technology it has allowed manufacturers to create a more realistic looking texture and visuals for a quality and elegant flooring option.

    You will certainly be amazed and even surprised at just how beautifully and faithfully laminate flooring looks like premium flooring.

    Most of today’s laminate styles consist of natural stone or authentic wood visuals to help accommodate any of your rooms.

    Laminate is suited for those who want the feel and look of real hardwood but without the harsh costs of up keep and cost that comes with natural products.

    It is a proven fact that laminate flooring is most popular among those who are looking for a cost efficient but durable and beautiful flooring solution for their homes.

    Laminate floors will function well in just about any space with different colors and styles.

    You will be able to select from dark wood grains and natural colors or cool color tones that will compliment all of the décor in your home.

    If the plank look really interests you, then there are a lot of hardwood plank designs that come in laminate such as exotic, rare wood species.

    Laminate tile and stone patterns will give you the best look of tile but without all of the concerns when it comes to cracking or grout cleaning. It is something that you may want to consider.

    If you have a busy household, or a home that has children, having a durable yet low maintenance product such as laminate flooring is perfect for active lifestyles.

    Laminate flooring is stain resistant, so you don’t have to wax it or varnish it.

    Laminate floorings are also less likely to fade when exposed to direct sunlight, unlike the normal aging hardwood floors.

    Most Americans are becoming quite familiar with laminate flooring due to the fact that they have most likely had laminate countertops for years. By being able to use the countertop technology and adding more resin to the wear layer, there are some laminate floor manufacturers that have boasted that their laminate floors are up to 20 times harder than a laminate countertop.

    Because of the resin that fills the wear layer is pretty dense, it will become quite hard to scratch or stain.

    Here is a little fact that you might find interesting. Laminate floors aren’t ever secured directly to the subfloor, instead they are floating above it.

    This allows laminate flooring to be used over various subfloors, which include existing floors, wooden subfloors, and sometimes concrete slabs.

    Which could explain why laminate flooring of today has become one of the highest selling floor coverings in the US.

    Here at Urban Customs, we do want you to be aware that laminate floors will give you many benefits for you and your home.

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