How Much Does it Cost to Install Engineered Hardwood Floors
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How Much Does it Cost to Install Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Engineered hardwood floors installation costs range from $2,499 to $6,747 with a national average price of $4,623 according to There are a lot of different hardwood flooring types, so the cost will vary depending on what type of flooring you choose.

As you already most likely know, engineered wood flooring is composed of a core layer, usually made from fiberboard or plywood, and a thin veneer layer of a natural hardwood. A lot of kinds of engineered wood are already pre-finished so it’s not needed to finish on site.

According to recent data:

  • The national average cost for the installation of wood floors (solid or engineered) is generally about $4,600.
  • This range is subject to many factors comprising of your location, the project size, the wood flooring types you decide on, and the way its installed. Basically, a small project in Nebraska is most likely is going to be a lot less costly than a huge project in Phoenix.
  • Wood flooring typically ranges between $3 and $15 for each sq ft (solid or engineered) for domestic wood types, whereas exotic hardwood types can be more expensive.

And don’t forget: whereas some of the foremost engineered wood flooring will cost the same—or more—than solid wood types, this is more common with domestic types.

If you’re thinking about an exotic such as Ebony flooring or Brazilian Walnut (one of the foremost hardwood floors), you’ll most likely save more if you choose engineered over solid.

What is the Average Cost for Labor for the installation Hardwood Floors?

A lot of the foremost engineered wood flooring brand names sell flooring that may be clicked to one another as floating floors. These are more easily and less costly for their installation than conventional kinds of wood flooring.

Nevertheless, a lot of engineered wood types are installed in the traditional way—by using nails, staples, or gluing them to a subfloor (the subfloor is the irregular surface your floor attaches to).

Having said that, the average labor cost for installing hardwood floors typically is just a little more costly than the cost for the installation of engineered hardwood flooring. Subject to your location and requirements, it could run you about $4–$8 per sq ft.

Will Engineered Wood Floors Increase my Homes Value?

The quick answer: definitely.

As reported by, installing any kind of hardwood floor can anticipate to yield a seventy percent to eighty percent ROI, and increases the resale value of your home by upwards of two and half percent.

Where Can Engineered Hardwood Flooring be Installed?

It should be noted that engineered hardwood is not waterproof flooring. Even the most hardy wood flooring types don’t make for ideal bathroom, laundry room, and/or mudrooms.


This is not just one of the major engineered wood disadvantages, nevertheless. It’s also true for solid wood too.

For areas such as these, its better to decide on one of many hardwood flooring options that are resistant to water or waterproof. There are some kinds of floor tiles that can give you the appearance of wood with the advantages of porcelain.

And certainly, a lot of the better types of vinyl floors also come with wood looking options. There could be some disadvantages of vinyl flooring, but toughness isn’t one of them.

Don’t Forget Your Cost Per Sq Ft (For Materials) Will Differ Based on the Type of Wood Flooring

Various types of wood flooring obviously come with varying costs. Usually, softer domestic woods such as pine is less costly than harder woods such as maple or hickory. Uncommon and exotic woods are the most expensive and could come with added transport and import costs.

Engineered Hardwood will vary in Thickness and Quality, in which can Influence Price.

Fundamental engineered wood that has 3 core layers and a thinner veneer (between 1/16” and 1/12” thickness) usually costs around $3 to $9 per sq ft.

Mid-grade engineered flooring will probably have both a thicker core and a thicker veneer layer. It usually ranges from around $6 to $12 per sq ft.

Top-quality engineered wood flooring could have up to 7 core layers and a 1/6” or thicker veneers. These typically are the most durable and long-lasting floorings and may cost from around $9 to $16 per sq ft.

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