Arizona Kitchen Remodel Guide
Written by Brian B

Arizona Kitchen Remodel Guide: Costs, Steps, & Sizes

A kitchen remodel in the state of Arizona costs an average of $25,348. Prices will range from $13,291-$37,607, according to Homeadvisor. Let’s take a look at all the factors below that can impact the overall cost of your remodeling project.

Kitchen Remodel Budget

Use this list to figure out exactly what you should budget for when planning a remodel:

❒ Installation costs.

❒ Designer fees.

❒ Flooring.

❒ Lighting

❒ Countertops.

❒ Appliances.

❒ Walls and ceilings.

❒ Cabinetry.

❒ Plumbing.

❒ Windows.

❒ Doors.

❒ Faucets.

The majority of remodels will feature cabinetry, installation and appliances accounting for almost half of the total cost. It’s suggested to leave around one percent of your total budget laying around for any unexpected costs. You will need to have money at the ready in case designer fees increase or complications arise during installation.

Most professional designers will cost between $100-$200 per hour. Make sure you contact a few services before settling on one estimate. Homeowners can always alter styles of flooring, lighting and cabinetry in an effort to save money.

Kitchen Sizes

Here are some average costs of a kitchen remodel based on size:

  • Small-sized kitchen (less than 70 square feet): $5,000-$20,000.
  • Medium-sized kitchen (100-150 square feet): $15,000-$40,000.
  • Large-sized kitchen (200 square feet): $30,000-$60,000.

Size of the kitchen is undoubtedly one of the top factors in determining overall cost of a project. Smaller kitchen projects can cost as little as $5,000, while larger ones can come with a price tag of $60,000-plus.

How can homeowners save money during this process? Well, the experts suggest starting with a lower budget, featuring some wiggle room. Are there parts of this project that you can handle as a DIY task? Try to keep your remodel green by installing environmentally-friendly faucets and LED lighting. These features will save you money in the long run. Smaller appliances can represent the best of both worlds: saving space in your kitchen and good for the environment.

As stated above, here are the typical costs of a kitchen remodel in Arizona:

  • Lowest Cost: $13,291.
  • Average Cost: $25,438.
  • Highest Cost: $37,607.

Kitchen Remodel Cost

Kitchen Remodel Steps

A typical step-by-step kitchen remodeling process is outlined below.

Step 1. Consultation

Professional teams will start the process with a quick phone call to determine your remodeling needs and budget expectations.

Step 2. Planning And Design Phases

Whether you need a straightforward order of a handful of cabinets or a complete design consultation, contractors will work in making sure your kitchen will be beautiful and functional.

Step 3. Finalize Details

There are a lot of parts, options, and elements in a kitchen to consider. Professionals make sure that all your details will work together in your new space.

Step 4. Remodeling Process

As soon as all of the elements of your new kitchen are present and correct the remodel can begin. The pros never want to be waylaid by a missing or incorrect item and this helps us ensure timely turnovers. They keep you informed of progress along the way and work with you to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Arizona Kitchen Remodel Estimates

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