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Best Types Of Stone Flooring & Their Costs Per Sq. Ft.

If you’re searching the keywords “Stone Flooring Types” or “Stone Flooring Costs” , this post should help! In this post we discuss the different types of stone flooring and the costs associated with each different type of flooring installation.

Is the most elegant flooring created by nature worth the price and ongoing maintenance? Do you know what type of stone flooring you are looking for?

There are few building materials that will match the beauty of natural stone floors and there are no 2 pieces alike or that have the same durability. Stone flooring has been one of the favorite types of flooring systems for many homeowners for years.

Different Types Of Stone Flooring

Stone flooring will come in various sized and shaped tiles, from 1 inch square mosaics to 4×2 foot rectangles. You will be able to find any size to fit your need.

Marble Stone Flooring

Being prized for its classic look, marble flooring has been around since ancient times. It is recognized by the soft grain patterns and creamy colors that go from black to green, red and white. It is often polished until a high sheen is seen to show off its beauty.

Polish marble is quite slippery when wet, and it isn’t best for the bathroom or kitchens. Honed marble has a better surface texture and is a better alternative, but it does not have the color of polish marble.

Marble is a softer rock and is quite prone to staining and scratching, so professional sealing after being installed is recommended.

Travertine Stone Flooring

Travertine is a softer variety of sedimentary stone flooring. That means that over a course of years, it will have a soft, mellow patina. It will come in various hues and shades, from dark rust to light cream. Polish travertine looks similar to marble; the tumbled travertine will have rounded edges, pits and holes that give it an antique look.

Travertine flooring is quite porous and will react quickly to an acidic substance, so spilled orange juice can cause a stain. Applying stone sealer regularly helps to protect the floor.

Granite Stone Flooring

Granite is a rock that is formed under extreme pressure, which makes it one of the hardest flooring materials out there. It is basically scratch and stain proof. It comes in various colors and is found all over the country. Local varieties of granite could be less expensive because of lower shipping costs.

Slate Stone Flooring

Slate is a rock that is formed in layers, so it will split into thin sheets that will be cut into tiles. They can be honed smooth or left with natural rough surface. The rougher the surface, the better the traction will be in the room. Slate tends to come in blends of brown, gray, and dark green.

Slate will come in various densities. The more dense the slate is, the less likely it will be to flake or chip in spalling. Spalling is common for natural stone and denser slate will cost more.

Limestone Stone Flooring

Limestone is similar to travertine, although it is harder and over time will handle daily use. It has striking patterns in the grain that when cut into narrow, long tiles looks like wood planks.

It is porous and needs to be coated with a stone sealer to prevent stains. Resealing the limestone every 2 years helps to maintain protection.

How Much Does Stone Flooring Cost?

Stone flooring costs between $2 – $10 per sq. ft., with an average cost of $6 per sq. ft. Many home improvement centers will offer a variety of natural stone flooring for around $2-$15 per square foot depending on the type of stone. Professional installation will tack on an extra $5-$13 per square foot putting stone flooring installation costs at an average of $9 per sq. ft.

  • Marble Stone Flooring Cost: $5-$50 per sq. ft. [1]
  • Travertine Stone Flooring Cost: $3-$20 per sq. ft.
  • Granite Stone Flooring Cost: $2-$15 per sq. ft. [2]
  • Slate Stone Flooring Cost: $2-$20 per sq. ft.
  • Limestone Stone Flooring Cost: $5-$20 per sq. ft. [3]

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