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Laminate Flooring Pros & Cons

Laminate flooring pros and cons include:

Laminate Flooring Pros

  • Long-lasting and durable. Most manufacturers offer warranty on laminates, covering as much as 15-30 years after purchase.
  • Easy maintenance, and easy to clean. Laminate floors are also resistant to dents, physical damages and stains.
  • Since this is artificial flooring, it’s close to perfect in how it looks, with little imperfections.
  • Existing floors don’t need to be taken out for it to be installed.
  • Can be purchased in a number of different colors and patterns, allowing you to match the look and color of your floor to your furniture, rather than the other way around, which is normally the case with original material floors.

Laminate Flooring Cons

  • Even with the addition of a foam underlayment, laminate floors are generally hard underfoot.
  • Doesn’t increase the resale value to the house, whereas original material flooring would.
  • Can be slippery. However, non-slippery laminates are now becoming readily available in the market.
  • In case of damage, the damage area will have to be replaced as laminate flooring can’t be refinished or sanded to restore its look.