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Flooring Types For Your Home or Kitchen 2021 – Urban Customs

If you are searching for “types of flooring“, “types of flooring for homes“, or “types of flooring for kitchen“, this post should help! Learn to pick the right type of flooring by using this guide! The flooring type that you pick can make a huge difference in the appearance and finishing of any project. A great looking flooring type can enhance the overall value of your home and can attract new customers. But, not all builders will know how to pick and install the right type of flooring. Keep reading to learn about the most popular types of flooring that are used by a home builder and learn how to pick the right type of flooring.

Ceramic Tile

When you need flooring that needs to be waterproof, then ceramic tile is going to be best. Ceramic tile can be used as countertops, floor tiles and anywhere indoors. There are some types of ceramic tiles that have a high gloss that will eventually scratch. Ceramic tiles that are unglazed will be the best for outdoor flooring because of standing water. Some of the most popular finishes that are available will be textured for anti-slip properties, glazed, embossed and matte. Ceramic tiles that are made from porcelain will be colored throughout the tile and will hide any damage or scratches easily. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the grout is hard to clean and any low-quality tiles chip.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a favorite for a lot of people. Hardwood allows there to be durability and beauty that is hardly found in flooring materials. Hardwood will often come in Hickory, Walnut, Birch, Pine, Oak, Cherry, Beech, Pecan, Maple and many other types. This flooring type will provide a long-lasting flooring that is wear resistant that may be refinished if needed. But, there are some hardwood types that can darken with age and others may expand or shrink which will cause gaps in the flooring.

Marble Flooring

Marble tiling will be a very versatile and durable flooring type. They can be used on flooring, hallway columns, and walls. The tiles are easy to clean and maintain. They can also be easy to engrave with designs and textures to fit your style. Marble tile is great in a foyer and will come in a lot of colors. Marble also has many variations and is often used for sculptures and as a building material, but it is mainly used for flooring. Tiles can come in many sizes, and stone flooring installation is easy.

Cork Flooring

If you are looking for a great choice for commercial spaces or play areas that need to have a comfortable flooring for standing and walking, then cork flooring is it. It is a bit expensive type of material, but it can even be as cheap as $1.25 per square foot, but as high as $7.00 per square foot based on the color and characteristics of material.


Linoleum is a great green flooring option. It is actually made from biodegradable, renewable linseed oil and cork powder, and that means there are no VOCs. It s a great flooring that comes a lot of colors and patterns, and it handles foot traffic really well.

It is also moisture resistant, but it can stain, so you want to ensure that the product that you purchase has a protective coating that handles spills and scratches.

Bamboo Flooring

One of most recent flooring types is going to be bamboo flooring, which may be a green solution whenever it is compared to other traditional materials for flooring. Bamboo is elegant, durable and has many colors which range from a light tan to a honey brown. It has a clean, strong surface but it may darken over time or when it is exposed to a lot of sunlight. Bamboo should not be allowed to sit with water on it. You can get manufactured bamboo flooring which is often made in planks that will have horizontal or vertical grain. In a vertical bamboo flooring, the pieces will be stood vertically on a narrow edge and then will be pressed side to side. This causes an almost uniformed look on the surface of the plan. For horizontal bamboo flooring, the planks are arranged horizontally on the wide edge and then joined side by side using a high-pressure system.

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