Hardwood Floor Refinishing Companies Near Me
Written by Brian B

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Companies Near Me

If you are searching for “hardwood floor refinishing near me” or “hardwood floor refinishing companies near me,” then this post will help! Continue reading for hardwood flooring refinishing costs and services provided by Urban Customs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Many homeowners may be wondering why they should invest in hardwood floor refinishing instead of just replacing the flooring altogether. With any flooring type, of course, there will be times when a full replacement is necessary. For instance, if the floor has been completely warped due to water damage or has simply warn too thin, it is time for a replacement. The most advantageous service for homeowners, though, would be a hardwood floor refinishing. A refinishing done by the flooring professionals at Urban Customs will save homeowners a considerable amount of time and money.

A refinishing is a more thorough process than one might expect. Scratches, scuffs and other troublesome spots can be completely removed during a refinishing. The process includes a sanding of the full surface, followed by applying a sanding sealer, then a waterborne finish will be added to protect the flooring.

If you wish to have a refinishing performed without a sanding, this is possible, as well! Urban Customs now offers a color transformation process that makes your hardwood flooring look as good as new. This process will be a lot quicker than the typical refinishing. Generally, this is a fast and cheap way to spruce up the floor, adding resale value to your home.

How Much Does Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cost?

For homeowners in the U.S., the average cost to refinish hardwood flooring is $3.75 per square foot, meaning most will spend between $3-$5 for the service. This will include having the floors sanded, stained and finished completely, according to homeguide.com. On average a total cost for this service will range from $900-$2,110.

Here are few of the cost factors involved in refinishing a hardwood floor:

  • Tools and materials needed
  • Labor costs
  • Coatings

Professionals need a wide variety of tools to complete this job, including a drum sander, edger and buffer.  Receive a free hardwood floor refinishing quote by contacting the Urban Customs team today!

Urban Customs Installs Hardwood Flooring In Phoenix, Arizona

At Urban Customs we offer all types of flooring installation in Phoenix, Arizona, including Wood flooring, stone flooring, laminate flooring, and bamboo flooring. Request a free flooring installation quote from Urban Customs today! Our address is 8050 N 19th Ave #127, Phoenix, AZ 85021.